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Understanding the right license to promote your product is important. While dealing with resale rights you might come up with terms that you might not understand. Many modern day marketers might use this strategy against you. Thus it is important for you to understand your license and understand the way by which you can use or cannot use your product. Most of the selling advertising will revolve around three terms that is PLR, MRR or resell rights. Here is what they exactly stand for:


PLR stands for private label rights. It signifies certain things. A PLR license means you have the right to sell the product as well as modify the product. Even under PLR there might be two cases:
· You have the right to get the original file and make changes to it. You can make 30 to 50 percent changes to it and then sell with your name as the author.
· But many different PLR license offer different things to the buyer. You need to read the License document carefully to fully understand your rights. Fr example some PLR will allow you to completely change the product to new form such as a video while others won’t allow you to.


MRR stands for master resale rights. Master resale rights means you can sell the rights to your customers and even your customers can sell the rights again. Generally the master resale rights are costlier and it gives you complete command over the products rights.

Selling eBooks online

Selling eBooks online has been profitable for many authors. It is not the easiest of jobs in the beginning but once you get a hang of it you can easily get some sales going. Selling the eBooks online means you need to reach the right customers and effectively promote your books to them. If you are struggling to get some sales on your eBooks here are some of the reasons that might be affecting your sales:

· You might be pricing the eBook wrongly. It is important to understand how to price the eBook. Nobody would go for the eBook if it sounds overpriced. It definitely is easier said than done.

· Another important thing that might not be going your way is that you might be not offering as much as your competitors are! You need to understand the market and have an idea about what your competitors are offering in sense of quantity as well as quality. Try to keep up with them if not better. It will definitely help you to write a better eBook with much more relevant information that could be use for the readers. Remember good things always sell more!

· Niche is definitely the most important thing. Writing on something that is readily available on the internet might be a reason for low sales. Write something which offers extra to the readers than what they would normally get. Write what the readers would like to read and always select a topic that has the highest chances of selling.

EBOOKs Resale Rights

EBooks resale rights have been very popular with the new age internet marketers. A lot of people have lately been interested in the EBOOKs Resale Rights and this article will try and list down some of the ways in which the EBOOKs Resale Rights is effective.
But before that we need to understand what exactly EBOOKs Resale Rights is?

We need to be clear with the intricacies of it and how it can be gauged and used effectively.

Purchasing resale rights from a person means that you have purchased the right to sell the eBook to anyone with 100 percent payment. You are just entitled to make a onetime payment to the owner of the eBook. Now once you have the right you can use the license to sell the book or for any other purpose for that matter.

Here is how you can use EBOOKs Resale Rights to boost up your business:

· EBooks you buy can be used for research purpose. Suppose you are promoting a thing then it is always better if you are well versed with the product that you are promoting. It gives you a better head-start and better understanding.

· List building is another effective purpose of buying the books. You can give your buyers a useful eBook to go with the product. That would definitely boost your sales.

· You can buy several eBooks from different places all related to the same niche and then sell them as an eBook package or even give away the package with your product.